Valsad Nagarpalika

Establishment of Municipality: Establishmnet Date    : 30.05.1855
Area    : 4.54 sq.k.m.(Approximate)
Population    : 57909 (Year 1991)
69000 (Year 2001) (Approx)

During May'1849, it was decided to establish Valsad Nagarpalika. Mr.Belasis, the First Magistrate of South Region of Surat District, Mumbai Division, called a meeting of reputed citizens in “Juna Thana” of “Mota Bajar” and discussed about his thought. Later 264 citizens of Valsad put together an application with their signatures and gave to the Magistrate Mr.L. Reed. Mr.L.Reed wrote to honorable Governor in Council of Valsad to draft a recommendation letter to establish Valsad Nagarpalika to Mr.Henry Little, Surat Magistrate & Collector. After that, within 5 years necessary proceedings were carried out and finally on 30th May,1855, establishment of Valsad Nagarpalika was declared in governmnet gazette (Act No.26,1855 Under Municipal Act)

The First board was elected with recommendation of local officer to administer Valsad Nagarpalika.

  1. First Assi.Magistrate Mr.Reed (President)
  2. District Police Officer (Gopalrao Mahadev) (Ex-President)
  3. Shri Dadabhai Faramji
  4. Shri Maneklal Govindrao
  5. Shri Bhanabhai Surbhai
  6. Shri Narbheram Himantram Majmudar
  7. Shri Alimbhai Hussainbhai
  8. Shri Tekchand Munaji

The new board for basic democratics was setup on 24th October,1855 in “Juna Thana” ‘s office.


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